A CS dropout who followed his passion to start his own manufacturing unit


27 years old, Nishant Aggarwal is a resident of Delhi, around 3 years ago, while pursuing a course in Company Secretary, he started thinking whether he wants to continue the 9-5 routine job or work on his passion. Gathering some courage, he told his parents that he no longer wants to pursue CS and worked as a stock trader in Kotak Securities for a year. Despite earning almost 40 thousand per month, he was not happy with it. So he dropped his job to become an online seller of cosmetic products with a friend. Unfortunately, the friend didn’t help him and started his own business. “That was a very dark phase of my life. I didn’t have a job and no idea of business for the next 6 months. There was no one to guide about starting a business as my father was a working professional too” he added.

How did he enter the market?


Finally, after rigorous research and with a friend’s encouragement, Nishant decided to enter the Bathroom Fitting business. To understand the niche of the business, he worked for three months without a salary in a Chawri Bazar Shop. After understanding the market he started marketing his products in some states and registered his brand, NDEAWARE in October 2017. He visited some major Indian cities having large markets for bathroom fittings and started receiving small orders. Since setting up a full-fledged manufacturing unit requires enormous investment, he got his products made on a job-work basis.

A major change happened in the business, when his younger brother, Devesh, left his 50 thousand salary job to help his brother in business. The involvement of another person in the business means there were new ideas and the work started to happen more systematically. Currently, they sell their products in four Indian states, i.e., Delhi, U.P, Kerala, and Karnataka via dealers and suppliers. Recently, they have added a new dealer in Jammu as well. Their immediate target is to start exporting to neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.


The company’s main vision is to start selling products to government organizations via MSME and set up a manufacturing unit of complete bathroom products.


Due to the presence of hundreds of small and big brands like Jaquar, Cera, Kohler, etc. It was difficult to penetrate the market. Initially, due to fewer orders, the cost of manufacturing remained high. Even the boxes used for packing the items were expensive as there were 13-14 types of boxes of different sizes and were only available in quantity of 5000 or more. Then his friend, who has a box manufacturing unit helped him and provided the desired number of boxes helping Nishant to decrease the cost. They had to turn their bedroom into a warehouse to keep the stock, as renting a place would increase the expenses.

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