Artwork By Megha Garodia

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About Me – Megha Garodia


Hi everyone! I would like to bring my variety of paintings to your notice. When I first began painting and started developing interest in it, I had never thought that it would turn out to become such a huge passion of mine. I now know the importance of having a hobby. Through this campaign, I would like to share with you some of my artwork and appreciate your support to boost my confidence further.



Reward #1 – Expressions


In Expressions, the eyes depicted here have a unique agency, care, and delicacy that they bestows upon their subjects. They betray complex layers of understanding — are all encoded within the mystery of their eyes. I have tried to imagine the subjects as performing artists, whose mastery has been witnessed through these eyes.

Reward #2 – Twirls of Nature


In Twirls of Nature, you can see all visual transcriptions of nature. It shows my ongoing fascination with simplicity and natural forces. in this perspective, nature is very colourful and diverse yet still the entire biodiversity exists on a single solar dimension. Beyond the twigs, flowers and birds there exists another life, the micro-organisms who make up the complete mix of nature’s ecosystem. I focussed on both form and colour without leaving the independent quality of the objects unattended.



Reward #3 – Se-Polar

In Se-Polar, I have a focus on the polarities of life and ourselves. Everything around us has various manifestations. It is through our physical being and its interaction with the social body that humanity experiences itself. Through the body we learn to “be human” since we are constituted as beings by our six polarities; the flesh, the visible and the tangible in opposition to the spirit, the invisible and the intangible.



Reward #4 – Disparity


Inequality has been on the rise across the globe for several decades with economic gaps or disparities continuing to grow as the very richest amass unprecedented levels of wealth. On the top-left portion is canvas painted in metallic colours, followed by a portion with deeper colours used in red, yellow, blue and green and finally followed by black and white colours. This painting Disparity where I have used vibrant colors in varying shades and depth, and they depict the inequalities or “disparities” of social classes that exist today. The top represents the upper high class, followed by middle-class then subsequently the lower class. This also represents the proportions of these respective people in society.

Reward #5 – Universe Is Within You / “Duniya Mutthi Mein”




In Universe Is Within You, I have tried showing city landscapes, nature and monuments such as seven wonders of the world – all within the reach of a hand. As Aristotle said the hand is the “tool of tools” and it is a symbol of strength, power and protection.The key message here is that you are not bound to anybody to get what you want. In fact everything that you need is within you, within the power and strength of your hands. What is unique about this artwork is I have used a palette knife instead of a brush to really get that texturising effect.



All my artwork is created using acrylic paint on canvas. They can be shipped as per your order and can be taken to any good framer to be stretched. There are extra inches on all sides for that purpose.


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