e-Gurukul: A Digital Platform in Learning Character, Knowledge And Skill

A technology-based platform provides daily rich digital contents with self-regulated learning for kids, children, students in the local language.  e-Gurukul Digital will build a collaborative networks to help parent, self employed workers for knowledge acquiring and skill building  with digital content and mentorship

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About Myself

My name is Sunil K Sonare and I am raising funds for my project e-Gurukul Digital. This initiative is about A technology-based platform provides daily rich digital contents with self-regulated learning for kids, children,students in the local language.  e-Gurukul Digital will build a collaborative networks to help parent, self employed workers for knowledge acquiring and sill building  with digital content and mentor-ship. I am an aspiring social entrepreneur and have 15 years of experience in working with industry and CIO in many years. I am also founder of NGO Light Foundation working in Rural Development and specially working in Education.


The existing Education System of Character Building , Knowledge Creation and Skill Up gradation are missing because

  1. A content-based approach which are bookish and fixed
  2. Untrained teachers
  3. Not a priority with parents, Teachers and schools


Innovative Education using latest technologies wiz AI, AR /VR and ML that stimulates all aspects of human existence:

  • Material – capabilities for physical, academic, material and vocational progress.
  • Human – new vision and keen intellect.
  • Moral – new heart that beats with the impulse of strong moral and spiritual values.

How we are changing the world

With e-Gurukul, we will be providing quality education and untapped potential of latest innovative technologies to reach the last person of country in learning which help parents to raise their kids to become good human with high moral and human value, acquire knowledge and build skill to improve their lives.

What specific problem we are solving

In India around 600 Million Peoples are living in rural area. There are a number of issues Indian education system is facing, and one is rural-urban gap. … Poor infrastructure: Most rural schools lack good infrastructure, including well-trained teachers. This leads to poor quality of education being imparted.

Poor Teacher-student ratio – Huge no. of students in a class are tackled by a single teacher, which leads to less focus on each child. In addition, students are not encouraged to ask questions or clarify their doubts. Shortage of training— no or very less emphasis is given to teacher training in our schools.

Our educational system is of General Education in nature. Development of technical and vocational education is quite unsatisfactory. So our education is unproductive. Hence number of educated unemployed persons is increasing day by day. This has become a great concern for Govt. The moral and high value teaching which are required to build character, completely missing in our Education System.

Our education system in India becomes completely commercial and students are treated like a commodity.

The crimes against women are increased since last few years and we are facing a lot challenges to cope up with these situation.

What is our solution

e-Gurukul help parents, kids, children and students get a rich learning content build by our educators and subject matter experts through a browser and Mobile app. The rich content will be available to them in the form of Audio-Visual with experiments and real scenarios. The content will be fed to them based on their profile with AI and it will be a personalized coaching for parents, kids, children and students. Whenever required the parent and students will be connected directly with a webinar to get the information, answers and many more learning content. e-Gurukul are providing with three major objective.

  1. Character building: Responsibility, Perseverance, Caring, Self-Discipline, Citizenship, Honesty for kids, children and students which will help them to become good human.
  2. Knowledge Creation: Traditional – Science, Technical, Math and Modern – Robotics, Entrepreneurship, Machine Learning
  3. Skill Building: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Leadership, Team Work, Self Motivation

Educating the parents on how best to help the children both at home with their learning and how best to engage with their children based on personalized content and chat-bot like experience.

Who does our solution serve, and in what ways will the solution impact their lives

In India approximately 600 million peoples are living in rural areas and they not not having the opportunity to learn and keep informed with the knowledge and skill and how they can improve their lives. As internet and smart phones reached to every corner of the country and with this we will be connecting with them through a mobile app in their local language.

Our approach would be  building a Education Collaboration Network on a single platform, Digital Platform to offer education with holistic approach,

DIGITAL PLATFORM TO OFFER EDUCATION WITH HOLISTIC APPROACH Delighted Customers, a divine method in education to build nation and they will be invited to be part in building the society and nation and will be make them privileged to feel delighted human being. If we make them to give respect and regards, the citizens will come forward to share problems around with them and with our network of expert, agencies and non-profit organisation work with them to work together and build a better world for living. This are proven method and we worked and succeed in past.

What makes our solution innovative.

We will provide a technology -driven solution to parent, kids, children and student – by leveraging artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality technology, we will be able to personalize the education, training, learning through a data-driven, yet, accessible, and scalable solution way. We are keeping the solution in a very low affordable price i.e. US$ 3-5 in a year to reach to masses who are till now not yet taste the potential of technology. We are building the solution specifically for low-income, rural population in their own language. By contrast, other training programs are still exist but specific to age, class or any competitive examination.

We also creating a collaboration network of experts who will be working with us to provide a rich content and whenever required they will also make available with audio/video conferencing or chat-bot to provide them personalized training and help to learners.

We also use innovative technology to power our translation combining machine-learning and humans, allowing for culturally relevant translations to enable two-way conversations between expert and learner who may be a farmer, vendor or house-wife, which is becoming an increasing need.

With our analytical tools and application, we will measure the achievement of KRA and we will know our KPI in the right direction.

We provide personalized education/training for kids, children and students depending on who they are and what they want. Please help me fulfill my dream by contributing towards my project or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family!

We are grateful for your help!

Please help

and come forward to make world a better place.

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