Earth’s first AI Teacher that automates teaching and grading ! 1st AI parent assistant in the world that relieves the burden in parenting ! Clarila

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The Clarila Ecosystem is an AI powered ecosystem with a huge social impact.

Clarila student app is an AI powered teacher that automates teaching, grading and assessing in an innately desiderata permeating manner.

The Clarila student app is a teacher that emulates your favourite fictional/non-fictional character(could range from Superman to Scarlett Johansson !) and automates teaching, grading and assessing in a one step manner(i.e there is no lag between curiosity and knowledge acquisition, the timeframe is drastically reduced). It is truly a professor in the pajamas !

Plus the cross-border student plus teacher network liberates and gives complete freedom and carte blanche to the student and makes learning a process that’s relished and rejoiced by the student.

The Clarila Teacher app is a super sagacious assistant that brings enormous ease to your workflow and teaching in the classroom. It reduces your workload by 70% and enables you to relish quality time in the classroom.

The Clarila Parent app is an AI parent assistant that relieves the burden in parenting and assists the parent in fulfilling essential roles.

It is the only digital ecosystem for parents that has an inclusive community which harbors love, fun, togetherness and frolic.

The Clarila Ecosystem as a whole is the first system in the world to create an ecosystem that’s inclusive of students, stellar academicians, premier universities, parents, teachers and corporate partners !

By automating the classroom, we exponentially enrich the learning experience with individual need contentment, reduced workload, elevated grades, enhanced subject interest and an unbeatable learning hook. We harbor cross-pollination via an international network of stellar academicians, professors, premier universities and learning institutions.

Clarila is a Bangalore based startup and the purpose of the plan is to serve 1.4 billion students, 90 million teachers, 3 billion parents and 6 million learning institutions !

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$5800 worth Clarila student and Parent app subscription(for 4 months) with the connect option plus the AI teacher and AI parent subscription for free ! Whoever supports the future deserves this, you are the selected ones : D

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