India’s 1st Smart & Affordable Performance Electric Bike

We have developed using advanced technology an innovative e-bike that makes your journey better. The most eye catching features are its range and speed and detachable battery pack. The bike has built in modification which is to say an extra battery space for rider’s convenience in order to increase the range above the threshold limit. But functionality alone does not say everything about the bike. Leisure and luxuries in wheels is what our company has planned to embed and make it better over time.

Specialties of Bike 

  • Power: 2500watt, BLDC motor (Waterproof)
  • Speed: 100 km/h
  • Peak torque: 18Nm
  • Range/Charge: 150km
  • Battery type- LI-Ion
  • Fast Charging – Available
  • Detachable Battery
  • Extra Battery / Storage space
  • IOT based  Features
  • Brake system: Front Disc/Rare Drum
  • Speedometer : Digital
  • Ground clearance: 170mm
  • Tire: front 2.75/17    Rare  3/17
  • Seating Capacity- 1+1
  • Mobile Charger Point
  • Head lights – LED with DRL

We would love for you guys to try out our invention and become of the first few users of the product!

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Lower emission rates and affluence of harmful gases discharge in the environment are leading to the bad state of air quality index, and our project will help to bring down the carbon emission levels.

The average carbon emission levels emitted after driving 10,000 miles are as follows:

Average Electric vehicle 0.96t CO2e

Average petrol car 2.99t CO2e

Average Diesel car 2.88t CO2e

High rates of mechanical combustion also lead to the radiation of higher temperature which will be reduced by the vehicle when the engine will be driven on alternative source which will then reduce the effect of global warming.

For most motorcycles, an operational temperature range of 155F / 68C to 220F / 104C is normal

For most Electric vehicles, an operational temperature down by 30-40%

Even though electric vehicles are available, the fact that they are not efficient prevent them from being user-friendly. Our motto is to  provide the upbringing of alternative sources of energy in a more user-friendly manner. The heart of the e-bike lies only in the battery which previously was not much efficient to provide a longer run-time in a single charge. However, these figures have been brought up by our company from 70-80 Km per charge to 150-300 Km per charge.

Impact on the Society 

The drain of the Indian economy is partly set back due to low quality production of vehicles in India. Only a few companies adhere to sustainable policies of less consumption and high durability. The same is our company’s vision – to bring a profitable outcome to the Indian economy in the field of production. We plan to empower the young and talented youth in India with the help of our innovative solution and create a community of more highly-skilled labour force, which will drive the Indian economy.


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