Fundraising - Do's and Dont's

We, at Crowdbazaar, are here to assist you at every step of raising funds.
Here, we list out the guidelines for running a successful campaign on our platform.

What does Crowdbazaar charge for?

If your project is successful and receives 100% or more than its desired goal, the Crowdbazaar service fee is 7% of the total amount funded. This is something to keep in mind when making a project budget.

Will part of the project be owned by Crowdbazaar?

Crowdbazaar does not take any intellectual property from the projects, everything you do is yours and only yours.

It is for creative projects or active citizenship projects

Crowdbazaar is not for charitable projects and goals. There are many initiatives worthy of support, but we believe that creativity and the citizens' initiative deserve some space.

How Crowdbazaar works

Simple Formula
The best way to inspire people to support is to offer them exciting rewards. Be it limited-edition items, exceptional services, or events. Be creative in designing the prizes, as these will make your project attractive to the sponsor. No less important is the video. When making a video, be sincere and honest, introduce yourself and the project in the most natural way.

What is all or nothing in finance?

In Crowdbazaar, your project must receive 100% or more funding before the project deadline. If the project has not collected the full amount requested within this time, the donated money will remain with the donors. However, if the project receives 100% or more of the amount requested, the money will be transferred to the project promoter. This is because nobody wants to do their project with a lack of budget and nobody wants to finance a project that cannot be done to the maximum extent. Therefore, it is a good idea to be realistic when making a project budget and to consider the minimum amount you can put into your plan. Don't forget that prizes are a cost to you too.

So where does this money come from?

Crowdbazaar has many friends through which information flows, including all kinds of organizations that bring together creative people, communication environments, and the media where Crowdbazaar successfully finds its win-win nature. But it all starts with your activism, your friends and your fans, who you tell about your project in Crowdbazaar, who in turn can inform their friends. Good ideas are spreading fast and widely!

How much should I ask for support?

Certainly at least the minimum amount you need to spend on implementing the plan. The trick is knowing your target audience. Think about who they are and how they might like your project and honors. Also in the video, think about who you are talking to, whether they are your age, male or female?

Can I raise more money than asked?

In any case, projects can be supported as long as the project is active on the website, ie 2-8 weeks. This should be enough time to raise the amount you need. If a project needs a few extra days to build up a small deficit, we will do our best to make it happen.

But my idea is not "big and important". Does it have a place in Crowdbazaar?

Anyway! All creative ideas, be it one-weekend ventures or months-long projects, strange as well as serious, traditional or experimental, are welcomed to Hooandja.

Can Crowdbazaar be used as a loan environment?

No. Crowdbazaar is a support platform that is not designed to provide loans or investments.

What is the secret of a successful project?

The audience responds to the passion, sincerity and ability to carry out their plans. This is what your video wants to see, as well as creative and fair prizes.

How do I start a project?

Click the "Get in Touch" button above. We will then ask you a few questions to make sure your idea fits into the Crowdbazaar environment. You will receive an answer within a few business days.

Is there a fee to create a project?

The installation of the project on the Crowdbazaar platform is completely free. If the project goes to work, you will probably have to pay 7% of the total grant to Crowdbazaar. It's good to include it in your budget right away.

Am I eligible for a project?

The person responsible for the eligible project must be at least 18 years of age. Otherwise we have no restrictions, we are waiting for all kinds of entrepreneurs and artists!

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