Invest in your Passions

Passion investment is a growing trend as the income of the high and ultra-high net worth individuals has grown worldwide. Investing in art, wine or a classic car seems to combine the best of both worlds; you engage in a heartfelt endeavour while building a collection that grows in value.

Why invest in Passion Assets?

There are a lot of good reasons why one would want to invest in Passion Assets.
Although not for everyone, passion investment can give you the joy and returns like no other investment.


The Joy of Ownership

Passion Assets have the tangibility and intimacy that no other asset can match.

Impressive Countercyclical Returns

Passion assets can be used as a hedge against inflation and volatility.

Long Term Hold

Passion Assets are not for someone looking for a quick cashout, you have to hold on to it

Love of the Craft

East Passion Assets have their own beauty and a very personal wonder for the investor

Benefits of Passion Investing

Fractional Ownership

Split the ownership of each asset into multiple shares, aiming for the lowest entry price. If the asset is not fully funded by the end of the campaign, all the co-owners are fully refunded. If it is successful, all co-owners become the legal owners of the asset and certificates of ownership are issued.

Seamless Process

Invest in the assets you love at the click of a button. Scroll through our list of assets, and easily buy and trade shares directly on our web platform/app. Itʼs a simple yes or no choice.

Expert Sourcing & Management

Team of experts works for you, carefully hand selecting the best assets on the market and fully managing the assets throughout their custody up to their exit. Once fully funded, assets are professionally stored, maintained and insured, generating economies of scale for all.

Data-driven Decisions

Analyse financial, industry-specific, and social metrics for each asset, and have internal pricing models to support decision-making. We share all these indicators with you.

Diversified Portfolio

Aiming for over 100 assets to choose from, with new assets going live every month, it is easy to build a diversified portfolio across different passion assets that you actually care about.

Secondary Market & exit

Some shares are tradable on secondary market: you are in control, deciding when it is time to sell, how many shares and at what price. Eventually the asset itself is resold, exiting the platform, the resale price is then proportionally divided among all co-owners.

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