The story of these individuals who are focused on Menstrual -hygiene and not feminine hygiene

About the company

Crampberry started in May 2019 as a  sanitary solution to everyone who has periods by providing them  100% Organic Sanitary Pads. As they don’t neglect anyone’s needs just because they don’t fit the frivolous stencil of the society. The pads are environmentally safe and  Anti- Rash pads.  The founders Yashi Kamboj and Meinaal Sharma started figuring out that there is a category of society whose menstrual needs are being neglected.


Yashi Kamboj – Founder                                                            Meinaal Sharma- Founder

The founders of Crampberry, have their individual experiences over menstrual health. While Yashi mostly dealt it first-hand, Meinaal heard many ungrateful stories within his family and friends circle. They both understood that there is one thing in common that is being ignored by most women which is menstrual health. They both confided with each other and decided to do something about it. While researching, they found that transgender people and queer individuals have the same issue which is frequently ignored. After months of talking to several people and failing to find a product that would be of good health, beneficial and comfortable to wear, they decided to launch Crampberry.

About the Product

Crampberry, is a gender-inclusive Menstrual Hygiene company. They focus on being gender-sensitive through language and brand positioning. They have launched 100% organic sanitary pads that are not only safe to use and healthy but are also comfortable to wear. Each pad comes with a cover that makes it easy to carry and is convenient. So that you can have a hassle-free disposal after every use. Moreover, the pads are completely biodegradable and are positive on the environment. Crampberry stands for everyone who has periods and provides secure and quick hygiene solutions that are safe for skin.


Meinaal and Yashi aspire of making a safe society where people can talk about their periods in a judgment-free space. They believe that no one should deal with diseases that erupt due to unhygienic and wrong menstrual practices.


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